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    Suture Glove Simulator

    Suture Glove Simulator - SMT-6


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    Suture Glove Simulator

    Developed for mixed simulation training, this Suture Glove Simulator enables both suture practice and analysis of the physician’s posture in front of the patient. Surgical techniques, practical ease and even sociability are objects of teaching and teacher evaluation.

    With hand and forearm hydrated in liquid glycerin, an actor puts on the SUTURE GLOVE of Neoderma. Featuring deep cuts, the actor introduces himself to the student who is expected to conduct the state of emergency. During the attendance, the interactions between the two will be observed, while other students may also analyze how the intervention was carried out in the sociability and technical aspects of the suture, all guided by the teacher, who will make the final comments.

    Neoderma has excellent elasticity but does not withstand strong tensions of suture, just like human skin. At the end of the procedure, the nodes must be removed before storing the material for a new use. The Suture Glove should be put on with the help of liquid glycerin and hydrated in the same way after use. Then wrapped in plastic film and stored away from light and heat.


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