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Transparent Female Catheter Model

Transparent Female Catheter Model | Female Catheterization  Model | Female Catheter Model

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Transparent Female Catheter Model

Makes it possible to practice catheterization while observing what is happening internally. Allows you to view the indwelling condition of a balloon catheter, flow of urine, and the relative position of the pelvis and bladder through a transparent hypogastrium.

Model Features:
  • The external genitalia is made true to nature. You can open the nympha, and the mucous plica etc. are very similar to the real thing.
  • It is made so that you cannot find the urethra without opening the nympha.
  • The pelvis is built-in. You can practice learning the catheter angle according to the bladder's position.
  • You can learn while observing balloon catheter insertion skills and indwelling conditions. You can learn actual resistance and pressure. (Always use a lubricant when inserting catheter.)
  • Urine (water) actually flows by catheterization.

External genitalia is made of a special soft material, making this model extremely realistic.

Irrigator, Irrigator stand, Catheter, Lubricant oil (Silicone oil) , Baby powder, Storage case


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