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    Kyoto Kagaku Uterine Involution Assistance Simulator

    Kyoto Kagaku Uterine Involution Assistance Simulator - KK-MW38


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    Kyoto Kagaku Uterine Involution Assistance Simulator

    Life-Size Puerperal Lower Torso with anatomically correct landmarks and elastic abdominal wall facilitates realistic training in assessment of uterine involution in early puerperium.


    • Anatomically correct landmarks for palpation including the pubic symphysis, the umbilicus, ribs and the uterus
    • Soft and elastic abdominal wall that permits highly realistic palpation to assess the degree of uterine involution and to measure the fundal height
    • Four variation of uterine inserts that are interchangeable (listed below):

    1. First Day Normal
    2. First Day Abnormal
    3. Third Day Normal
    4. Fifth Day Normal

    Training Skills:
    • Assessment of uterus in early puerperium
    • Fundal height measurement by a measure tape palpation of uterine fundus
    • Perineal cleansing and assessment
    • Demonstration of postpartum massage
    • Assessment of anal prolapse

    Uterine Involution Assistance Simulator includes:
    • 1 Life-size puerperal lower torso
    • 1 set of uterine modules(4 variations)
    • 1 talcum powder
    • 1 instructional manual



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