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    Sakamoto Wearable-type Wound Care Trainer

    Sakamoto Wearable-type Wound Care Trainer - SKM194


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    Item #: SKM194


    Wearable-type Wound Care Trainer

    The Wearable-type Wound Care Trainer reproduces wounds on humans and mannequins in many different places.

    Can be applied to a human being as well as to manikins. In addition the viscosity returns simply by being washed in water, so that repeated use for training is also possible.

    Features antiseptic care while simulating actual wounds.

    Suitable for using with other nursing techniques (when replacing nightwear)

    The special accessory belt can be used to allow practicing in places where it is difficult to attach actual skin surfaces.

    Model weight/ 0.45kg - approximately 1 Lb

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