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    Patient Care Simulator 'Yaye' with CPR Features

    Patient Care Simulator 'Yaye' with CPR Features - KK-MW25


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    Patient Care Simulator 'Yaye' with CPR Features

    With its various patient settings and a range of training features, "Yaye" brings uninterrupted training flow in community care and in-hospital procedures. Featuring more than 40 training skills, "Yaye" serves an array of trainees from students to experienced nurses.

    • Thoracoabdominal inspection, palpation and percussion.
    • Left median vein: IV injection, infusion, securing cannula with tapes.
    • Training of intubation assistance can be performed in setting of critical care such as perioperative period and in ICU.

    • Tube Feeding (oral/nasal)

    • Enema
    • Urinary catheterization
    • Stoma care
    • Bowel irrigation
    • Bedpan practice

    • Body positioning
    • Passive exercise
    • Wheelchair transfer

    • Oral care
    • Bed bathing
    • Partial bathing
    • Change of clothes
    • Perineal care
    • Hair care
    • Grooming and appearance

    Respiratory Care
    • Oxygen inhalation
    • Airway suction
    • Postual drainage
    • Tracheotomy care

    Drug Administration
    • Suppository
    • Subcutaneous injection
    • Intramuscular injection
    • Intravenous injection and infusion

    Critical Care
    • Intubation assistance
    • Chest compression
    • Airway management

    Pain management
    • Fomentation

    • Assessment of chest and abdomen
    • BP measurement *only procedure, no outcome
    • Auscultation *only procedure, no outcome
    • Pulse taking *only procedure, no outcome

    • Stomach pumping
    • Vaginal douche
    • Postmortem care

    Wound Care
    • Pressure sore care
    • Bandaging

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