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    When using anatomical models to instruct aspiring medical professionals, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best. Look no further than our Anatomy Models for sale. Our models are perfect for use in a variety of courses including Human Anatomy and Physiology. You need realistic replicas when teaching medical students about Human Anatomy and human cells.

    We have Anatomical Models available for every human body system you can think of, including Anatomy Pathology Models, Nervous System Models, Skin Models, Vertebrae Models, Human Spine Models, Hand and Foot Models, Ear, Nose and Throat Models, Breast Models, Joint Models, Acupuncture Models, Brain Models, Digestive System Models, Genital and Pelvis Models, Heart and Circulatory System Models, Human Muscle Models, Skeleton Models, Urology Models, and more.

    If you're on the fence about whether or not to purchase an Anatomical Model, give ours a try. You won't regret it. New medical professionals are entering the field of medicine every year, and we want yours to be prepared to be one step ahead of the rest. Buy one or more of our Anatomical Models today!
    • Torso Models

      Human Torso Models

      We're one of the leading companies in supplying high quality human torso models at low prices. We focus on health care demands and we strive to provide the best products, training and customer care for our clients.

      Nowadays, you can find your torso model on sale and also most of them are free shipping. Our website makes it easy to place the order and our customer support representatives will help you with any trouble you may have.

      The models include male, female, mini and gender neutral designs. It will give you the most useful tool that you can get for your anatomy class for students and residents or to explain something to a patient. And now, you can get your torso models on sale!

      You can find convenient products like the Kyoto Kagaku Human Torso Anatomy Model, with 700 parts and rigid plastic structure that makes it safe to use and hard to damage. It has both skeletal and muscle structure. It is waterproof and washable. it is indeed a deluxe model.

      Or you can also get the Classic Genderless Torso with Half Skull Head, a true quality educational tool. It is made of high quality, hand painted plastic that makes it easier to explain any biology class. It is made in Germany and it has a three years warranty.

      All in all, it is the perfect opportunity to buy a great torso model that will help you on your educational needs.

      Our clients include Harvard and Stanford universities, the American Red Cross and the US Army.
    • Nervous System

      Nervous System Models

      For a better understanding and teaching of the nervous system anatomy, we have a wide selection of nervous system models available, including its physiological functions. At GT Simulators, we aim at delivering the best nervous system models for medical students. To understand the anatomical arrangement and structures of both the peripheral and central nervous system, we have designed our models in a suitable way. This reliefs you of the stress of having to go over the nervous system diagrams all the time. It also has an aspect of the real view of the system. This makes studying or teaching more lively and fun.

      Most models are delivered in a baseboard and come in very many varieties. This enables you to choose based on your area of specialty and scope of understanding. Its schematic presentation enables you to acquire knowledge on the physiological functions of the nervous system also. With a fair price range for the different products and up to five year warranty, you are assured of getting the best out of it. All you need to do is to place an order for one today and you will not regret it.
    • Head and Neck Models

      Anatomy of the Human Head and Neck

      The Anatomy of the human head and Neck includes the brain, bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, glands, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, and throat. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth, with their related nerves, provides the special senses as Sight, Hearing, Balance, Smell and Taste.
      GTSimulators provides a complete line of Head and Neck Models featuring the muscles, brain with arteries, blood vessels, nerves, skull including facial bones, cranium and cavity of the mouth.
    • Digestive System

      Digestive System Models

      Are you looking into studying the anatomy of the digestive system? We have several digestive system anatomy models that are perfect study guides for a more visual examination of the parts of the digestive system. The different models are life-size representations and consist of the different structures of the human digestive tract starting from the oral cavity to the rectum. Structures such as the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach and small and large intestines can be dissected further to expose internal features and allows for more detailed studying of the system. You can choose from different anatomical models whether a segment or the whole digestive system. The digestive system models are of high quality and mounted on baseboard for easy display in the classroom or doctor's office.

      The digestive system models are ideal for students looking for great study guides that will enable a more visual examination of the digestive system, making it more easy to study and remember the anatomy of the digestive system.
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    Stan Skeleton Model on Pelvic Stand - A10 Stan Skeleton Model on Pelvic Stand - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # A10

    Price: $375.00
    : $316.00
    —  Save $59.00!
    Functional Hip Joint Model - A81 Functional Hip Joint Model - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # A81

    Price: $101.00
    : $85.00
    —  Save $16.00!
    Hip Joint Model with Muscles, 7-part - A881 Hip Joint Model with Muscles, 7-part - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # A881

    Price: $407.00
    : $343.00
    —  Save $64.00!
    1st Trimester Pregnancy Insert with Removable 12-Week Embryo (0719-E) - DGT77 1st Trimester Pregnancy Insert with Removable 12-Week Embryo (0719-E)

    Item # DGT77

    Price: $411.00
    : $378.00
    —  Save $33.00!
    3rd Trimester Pregnancy Insert, 4 parts (0719-P) - DGT78 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Insert, 4 parts (0719-P)

    Item # DGT78

    Price: $600.00
    : $552.00
    —  Save $48.00!
    Great American Bullfrog, female, 2x life-size (0550-00) - DGZ55 Great American Bullfrog, female, 2x life-size (0550-00)

    Item # DGZ55

    Price: $879.00
    : $808.00
    —  Save $71.00!
    Wearable Breast Self Exam Model - L51 Wearable Breast Self Exam Model - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # L51

    Price: $1,382.00
    : $1,167.00
    —  Save $215.00!
    Acupuncture Model, Male - N30 Acupuncture Model, Male

    Item # N30

    : $240.00
    Embryonic Development, 12 stages - VG391 Embryonic Development, 12 stages - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # VG391

    Price: $699.00
    : $590.00
    —  Save $109.00!
    Segmented Lung Model with Magnets - G70 Segmented Lung Model with Magnets - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # G70

    Price: $1,194.00
    : $1,008.00
    —  Save $186.00!
    Gynecological Patient Education Model - P53 Gynecological Patient Education Model

    Item # P53

    Price: $422.00
    : $356.00
    —  Save $66.00!
    Human Anatomy & Physiology Chart Series - Set on Tripod - DG1435-41 Human Anatomy & Physiology Chart Series - Set on Tripod

    Item # DG1435-41

    Price: $438.00
    : $402.00
    —  Save $36.00!
    Skull Model with Face Musculature - A300 Skull Model with Face Musculature - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # A300

    Price: $382.00
    : $322.00
    —  Save $60.00!

    Buy Anatomy Models Today!

    We are proud to represent the Best Brands in the Industry of Anatomy Models!

    They are a great vehicle to study and explain the internal and external structures of the human body. The range of anatomical models includes muscle models, bones and joints, human spines, vertebrae models, skulls, life-size skeletons, torso models, brain models, dental models, heart models and circulatory systems, digestive and urinary system, breast models, pregnancy models, and other products.

    These Anatomy Models are manufactured by professionals to exacting medical quality standards. All of the products are made by a high quality materials, superior craftsmanship and some of the brands with one of the best product warranties in the industry.

    The products are brand new and they are made in United States, Germany, Japan and U.K.

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