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3D Printed Anatomical Models of Cadaver Specimens

3D printed anatomical models refer to models that are created in a 3-dimensional technology using 3D printers.
Australian scientists from Monash University created these models to allow doctors, both in practice and in training, to examine and learn about the body anatomy of humans without having to use the real cadavers in hospitals or medical training institutes. It is important to note that there are countries where real cadavers are illegal and as such, these models provide an alternative to addressing the ethical concerns for medical students in these countries.

The ground-breaking Monash 3D Printed Anatomy Series represents a unique and unrivalled collection of colour-augmented human anatomy 3D prints designed specifically for enhanced teaching and learning. This premium collection of highly accurate normal human anatomy models has been generated directly from either radiographic data or actual cadaveric specimens using advanced imaging techniques and state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. The Monash 3D Printed Anatomy Series provides a cost effective means to meet your specific educational and demonstration needs in a range of curricula from medicine, allied health sciences and biological sciences.
Who Are They Meant For?
3D printed human replicas are especially meant for doctors in practice or in simpler terms, medical students. This means that they are used as realistic models for the purpose of illustrating the various human anatomical parts such as the organs, bones etc, without the need for real cadavers. Professors as well as teachers of medical colleges and universities also need to learn more about these models, given they are the ones who have to use them for real classroom demonstrations to their students.

Why Do You Need Them?
Over the years, there have been many ethical issues involved with the use of real human cadavers in medical practical lessons and in order to avoid the associated human rights concerns, or even legal implications, 3d printed human body parts come in handy in addressing these challenges. As already pointed out, the ethic dilemmas are so immense that certain counties went as far as prohibit the cadavers altogether. However, as no real human body parts are involved, these 3d printed human replicas serve as a compromise for the whole situation.

Additionally, these replicas are anatomically accurate and the fact that they are identical to the real specimens makes the whole illustrative process easier for students to learn. Their availability is also not subjected to massive bureaucratic procedures, which means they can be made available over a short notice, as opposed to the real human cadavers. Needless to mention, they are also reasonably priced as opposed to their real cadaver counterparts. They are also reproducible, which means several identical prints may be used as a classroom set.

Where To Buy Them?
In case you are looking for 3d printed human body parts for sale, look no further than the GTSimulators 3D Printed Models. We offer a wide range of 3d printed anatomy models at reasonable prices. Contact us today if you wish to request a quote or simply inquiry on these realistic human anatomy replicas.

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3D Printed Popliteal Fossa Model
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