3. Anatomy Models

3. Anatomy Models

When using anatomical models to instruct aspiring medical professionals, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best. Look no further than our Anatomy Models for sale. Our models are perfect for use in a variety of courses including Human Anatomy and Physiology. You need realistic replicas when teaching medical students about Human Anatomy and human cells.

We have Anatomical Models available for every human body system you can think of, including Anatomy Pathology Models, Nervous System Models, Skin Models, Vertebrae Models, Human Spine Models, Hand and Foot Models, Ear, Nose and Throat Models, Breast Models, Joint Models, Acupuncture Models, Brain Models, Digestive System Models, Genital and Pelvis Models, Heart and Circulatory System Models, Human Muscle Models, Skeleton Models, Urology Models, and more.

If you're on the fence about whether or not to purchase an Anatomical Model, give ours a try. You won't regret it. New medical professionals are entering the field of medicine every year, and we want yours to be prepared to be one step ahead of the rest. Buy one or more of our Anatomical Models today!
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Stan Skeleton Model On Pelvic Stand
Item # A10
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Left Breast Cancer Model, Life-like
Item # GP3401
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$115.90 $122.00
Life-size Human Heart Model - 2 Part
Item # LA00200
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Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set
Item # HE-79851
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Elderly Pressure Ulcer Foot, Light
Item # LF00933
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SOMSO Functional Knee Joint Model
Item # NS 50
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$125.00 $135.00
Lumbar Spinal Column Model
Item # A74
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$313.00 $370.00
Shoulder Joint with Rotator Cuff, 5-part
Item # A880
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$135.00 $146.00
Classic Human Skull Model, 3 part
Item # A20
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$556.00 $625.00
Female Pelvic Floor Muscles, 12 parts
Item # EZ4075
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$751.00 $888.00
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Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments, Pelvic Floor and Organs, 6 part
Item # H20/4
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Cervical Spinal Column Model
Item # A72
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'Wilma' Wound Foot Model, Light
Item # VT0950
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Breast Cross Section Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3450
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TSE Model, Beige (2 lumps in one testicle)
Item # HE-26406
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Uterus-Ovary Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3480
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