3. Health Education 3. Health Education

Health education products are vital to boost learning experiences, that are designed to assist people and communities to enhance their health, by increasing their knowledge, improving their skills, or influencing their attitudes. These products are serving to people and groups of individuals to find out the way to behave in an exceedingly manner of maintaining, promoting, or restoring health.

GTSimulators carries an entire line of products to satisfy all of your Health Education needs.

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Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set
Item # HE-79851
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Left Breast Cancer Model, Life-like
Item # GP3401
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$109.00 $124.00
RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm
Item # S519
Styrofoam Condom Training Model, 20 pieces
Item # W19101
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Uterus-Ovary Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3480
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Breast Cross Section Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3450
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Interchangeable Nodules BSE Model, Beige
Item # HE-26504
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TSE Model, Beige (2 lumps in one testicle)
Item # HE-26406
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$135.00 $146.00
Female Condom Training Model, Light Skin
Item # L41/2
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$48.00 $54.00
Uterus I IUD Placement Model (IUD NOT included)
Item # S507
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$570.00 $644.00
Breast Examination Simulator
Item # S230.42
$115.00 $124.00
Male Condom Training Model
Item # S517
$126.00 $136.00
Male Condom training model, white skin tone
Item # L42
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Group BSE-Breast Self-Examination Model, Beige
Item # HE-26547
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Male Pelvis with Prostate Model
Item # GP3550
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Drunk & Dangerous Glasses with Case
Item # HE-79190A
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