2. Medical and Nursing Skills 2. Medical and Nursing Skills

Simulation is a key component in practical training. It provides the users with the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills on systems which provide practical feedback visually and in other ways. Medical skills simulators provide medics with great opportunities to explore practical ways of getting around patients for effective management. By practicing around these simulators, the medics can avoid using inappropriate methods in the management of their patients.

Similarly, Nursing Skills Training Manikins are very relevant in the training and practice of the profession. Analogous to the medical simulators, they provide the users with the opportunity to study a patient's scenario from different angles and come up with the best strategy to deal with a similar problem in real life. Life-form Trainers are appropriate for use in training medics. These trainers can be used alongside the manikins and simulators to demonstrate new concepts to the learners.

For effective teaching and learning of medicine and nursing, it is fundamental to acquire these items. That is why we are proud to be your best source of Medical and Nursing Skills Simulators.

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Seymour II - Wound Care Model, Light
Item # VT0910
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Shoulder Injection Model
Item # SB15091
$1,053.00 $935.00
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Deluxe TB Testing Arm Set (3)
Item # HE-26620
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Elderly Pressure Ulcer Foot, Light
Item # LF00933
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$667.00 $590.00
Left Breast Cancer Model, Life-like
Item # GP3401
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Knee Injection with 60 degree bend
Item # SB15176
$1,063.00 $944.00
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Knee Injection Model
Item # SB15171
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Multipurpose Venous Training Arm
Item # S401
$460.00 $406.00
Venatech IV Trainer, Light
Item # LF01162
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Ostomy Care Model, Beige
Item # HE-26130
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Canine IV Leg
Item # LF01016
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