2. Injection and I.V. Trainers 2. Injection and I.V. Trainers

Injection and I.V. trainers are essential tools for medical education. GTSimulators offers a collection of high-quality trainers that simulate the human body, providing medical professionals with a realistic experience of administering injections and I.V. treatments.

These trainers are particularly important for medical students and residents who are learning how to administer injections and I.V. treatments. They offer a safe and controlled environment in which medical professionals can practice their skills and gain confidence before working on actual patients.

GTSimulators' injection and I.V. trainers are designed to meet the needs of different medical professionals, from beginners to experienced practitioners. They are durable and made of high-quality materials, providing a cost-effective investment for medical schools and training programs.

In conclusion, injection and I.V. trainers are an important investment for medical education. GTSimulators' trainers offer a realistic and safe environment for medical professionals to practice their skills and gain confidence, ultimately improving patient care.

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$944.00 $1,063.00
Shoulder Injection Model
Item # SB15091
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Deluxe TB Testing Arm Set (3)
Item # HE-26620
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Advanced Venipuncture And Injection Arm, Light Skin
Item # LF01121
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Canine IV Leg
Item # LF01016
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$944.00 $1,063.00
Knee Injection Model
Item # SB15171
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$944.00 $1,063.00
Knee Injection with 60 degree bend
Item # SB15176
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$451.00 $510.00
Multipurpose Venous Training Arm, Medium
Item # S401R.M
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Venatech IV Trainer, Light
Item # LF01162
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Injection Teaching Model
Item # HE-26200
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Humerus Intraosseous Trainer
Item # 101-205
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TB Testing Arm Reactions Set
Item # HE-26593
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Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm - Light Skin
Item # LF01131
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Adult Tracheostomy Care Manikin
Item # LF01168
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Intradermal Injection Arm, Light
Item # LF01008
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$396.00 $448.00
Intravenous Injection Training Arm, Medium
Item # S400R.M
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Portable IV Arm and Hand Trainer, Light
Item # LF00702
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