2. Emergency Life Support 2. Emergency Life Support

As a health care provider nothing is more important than the saving of a life. While training, nothing is more important than realism to ensure the saving of that life. With the Life Support Simulators and Emergency Training Manikins you can be certain that, in a real life situation, the saving of a life will be that much more of a certainty. These Manikins are lifelike as are the life support simulation packages such as the AirSim models and advanced models that will simulate CPR scenarios and micro-laryngeal surgical and laser techniques. We also have water rescue and defilbrilators scenario dummies and many others that can fit a large variety of scene and training scenarios.

Our simulators are anatomically correct with a realistic feel to them that is of the utmost importance when training for real life medical emergencies. GTSimulators offers a whole line of Emergency Life Support. If you want to be properly prepared when faced with a medical emergency, buy it today!

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Humerus Intraosseous Trainer
Item # 101-205
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Tension Pneumothorax Simulator
Item # 150-1800
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Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer with Stand
Item # LF03699
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Trauma Moulage Kit, Light
Item # 800-6701
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$708.00 $801.00
1-Year-Old Pediatric Airway Trainer, Medium
Item # S312.M
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Rescue Randy Combat Challenge 6 Ft Tall, 165 lb. - Light Skin
Item # 149-1435
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Rescue Randy Manikin, 105 lb.
Item # 149-1335
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Special Needs Infant Manikin, Light Female
Item # LF01193
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Adult Airway Management Trainer with Stand
Item # LF03601
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Large Body Rescue Randy 6'1'', 125 lb.
Item # 149-1433
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Cricothyrotomy Simulator
Item # LF00994
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Rescue Randy Manikin, 145 lb.
Item # 149-1344
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$1,719.00 $1,975.00
Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer, Light
Item # P102
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NG Tube Insertion Trainer
Item # 160-8551
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Adult Female CPR Manikin with Carry Bag
Item # 100-2861
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$995.00 $1,126.00
5-Year Pediatric Airway Trainer Simulator, Medium
Item # S314.M
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