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GTSimulators offers an outstanding line of OB/GYN - Obstetrics and Gynecology Models and Simulators. Simulation throughout OB/GYN models and manikins will provide students and physicians the opportunity of practicing and improving skills as well as to refresh medical procedures. Our OB/GYN Models are made to fit all levels of training, so students, nurse-midwives, residents and physicians can be trained properly.

Several applications are covered by the OB/GYN Simulators, including a simple gynecologic examination, to a Palpation of normal and pregnant uteri, IUD insertion and removal, shoulder dystocia, breech extraction and more.

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$590.00 $667.00
OB Susie® - The Original Childbirth Skills Trainer
Item # S500
Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set
Item # HE-79851
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$556.00 $625.00
Female Pelvic Floor Muscles, 12 parts
Item # EZ4075
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$714.00 $844.00
Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments, Pelvic Floor and Organs, 6 part
Item # H20/4
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$599.00 $678.00
GYN-AID® Gynecologic Simulator
Item # S503
$109.00 $124.00
RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm
Item # S519
Advanced Pelvic Exam and Gyn Simulator
Item # LF01235
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EVA Gynecological Training Manikin
Item # 160-1900
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$411.00 $486.00
Gynecological Patient Education Model
Item # P53
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Abdominal Palpation Model
Item # HE-79820
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Obstetrical Manikin Childbirth Simulator, Light
Item # 110-180
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$649.00 $734.00
ZOE® Gynecologic Simulator
Item # S504.100
Baby Care Model, female
Item # W17001
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$48.00 $54.00
Uterus I IUD Placement Model (IUD NOT included)
Item # S507
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Baby Care Model, Male
Item # W17000
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$115.00 $124.00
Male Condom Training Model
Item # S517

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