2. Digestive System 2. Digestive System

Are you looking into studying the anatomy of the digestive system? We have several digestive system anatomy models that are perfect study guides for a more visual examination of the parts of the digestive system. The different models are life-size representations and consist of the different structures of the human digestive tract starting from the oral cavity to the rectum. Structures such as the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach and small and large intestines can be dissected further to expose internal features and allows for more detailed studying of the system. You can choose from different anatomical models whether a segment or the whole digestive system. The digestive system models are of high quality and mounted on baseboard for easy display in the classroom or doctor's office.

The digestive system models are ideal for students looking for great study guides that will enable a more visual examination of the digestive system, making it more easy to study and remember the anatomy of the digestive system.

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Tongue Model, 2.5 times life-size, 4-part
Item # T12010
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Human Digestive System Model, 3 Part
Item # LA00203
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Four Piece Colon Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3341
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Anatomical Liver with Gall Bladder Model
Item # K25
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Human Digestive System, 3-part
Item # K21
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Colon Model with pathologies
Item # GP3340
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Diseased Liver (Cancer) Anatomy Model
Item # GP3310
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Kidneys with rear organs of the upper abdomen, 3-part
Item # k22/3
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Stomach Model, 3-part
Item # K16
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SOMSO Vascular Architecture of the Liver
Item # JS 8/1
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Liver Model with Gall Bladder, Pancreas and Duodenum
Item # VE315
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Pancreatic Cancer, Gallbladder w- Stones & Duodenal Ulcer Model
Item # GP3330
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SOMSO Tongue with Lower Jaw and Larynx
Item # FS 5/1
SOMSO Tongue - 3 parts
Item # FS 8
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Intestinal Villi, 100x life size (0142-00)
Item # DGA52
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3B MICROanatomy™ Tongue Model
Item # D17
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