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Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light AND Sound Sensors

Item # SB50100U

List Price: $2,165.00
On Sale: $2,100.00
Dental Manikin | Dental Manikin Head | Dental Training Manikin | Dental Simulator | Dental Training Simulator | Dental Manikin NA-SB23464U Dental Manikin Trainer without X-Ray Capability

Item # SB23464U

List Price: $1,285.00
On Sale: $1,246.00
Pediatric X-Ray Dental Manikin SB31044U Pediatric X-Ray Dental Manikin

Item # SB31044U

List Price: $1,168.00
On Sale: $1,132.00
radio-opaque x-ray dental model Radio-opaque X-Ray Dental Model

Item # CD1974RAD

List Price: $398.00
On Sale: $386.00
pediatric x-ray dental model, articulated Pediatric X-Ray Dental Model, Articulated

Item # CDXM765RAD

List Price: $203.00
On Sale: $196.00
X-Ray Dental Manikin | X-Ray Dental Chair Manikin | Simulation X-Ray Manikin | SB23463U | M-1974 Adult X-Ray Dental Manikin

Item # SB23463U

List Price: $2,203.00
On Sale: $2,136.00
Pediatric Dental Manikin Trainer | Pedodontic Chair Manikin for Auxiliary Dental Training Pediatric Dental Trainer without X-Ray Capability

Item # SB31047U

List Price: $1,336.00
On Sale: $1,295.00
Simulation Manikin for Dental Chair - Skin Rubber Face Only Replacement Skin Rubber Face for Dental Manikin

Item # CDXPH-2

List Price: $170.00
On Sale: $164.00
oral anesthesia manikin with light or sound sensors Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light OR Sound Sensors

Item # SB50098U

List Price: $2,066.00
On Sale: $2,004.00
Oral Anesthesia Manikin without Metal Skull and Light or Sound Sensors Oral Anesthesia Manikin Metal Skull only, no Lights or Sound Sensors

Item # SB50099U

List Price: $1,432.00
On Sale: $1,389.00
skin rubber face for pediatric simulation manikin Pediatric Simulation Manikin - Skin Rubber Face Only

Item # CDXPH-7

List Price: $160.00
On Sale: $155.00

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