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PEDI Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin Technology PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin™ Technology

Item # S320.100

List Price: $1,848.00
On Sale: $1,673.00
Buy now and save $175.00!

AirSim Model | AirSim Standard Model | AirSim ALS Manikin AirSim Standard Model

Item # W47401

List Price
: $2,117.00
AirSim Advanced Model AirSim Advance X Model

Item # W47404

List Price
: $2,346.00
Intraosseous Knee Injection Intraosseous Access Knee Injection

Item # SB151713

List Price: $610.00
On Sale: $542.00
Buy now and save $68.00!

AirSim Baby Model AirSim Baby X Model

Item # W47406

List Price
: $1,887.00
AirSim Pierre Robin Model AirSim Pierre Robin X Model

Item # W47406A

List Price
: $1,958.00
AirSim Child Model AirSim Child X Model

Item # W47406B

List Price
: $2,244.00
Humerus Intraosseous Trainer Humerus Intraosseous Trainer

Item # 205

List Price: $362.10
On Sale: $336.00
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baby touch vital signs simulator Baby Touch Vital Signs Simulator

item # SB50920U

List Price: $4,176.00
On Sale: $3,842.00
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PEDI® Blue Simulator with I.O. Leg and Training Arm PEDI® Blue Simulator with Omni®, I.O. Leg and Training Arm

Item # S320.200

List Price: $2,180.00
On Sale: $1,925.00
Buy now and save $255.00!

Simulaids Sani-Man CPR Manikin 2131 Sani-Man CPR Manikin

Item # 2131

List Price
: $193.80
Economy Adult Sani-Manikin CPR Manikin Economy Adult Sani-Manikin CPR Manikin

Item # 2144

List Price
: $99.00

Emergency Life Support

As a health care provider nothing is more important than the saving of a life. While training, nothing is more important than realism to ensure the saving of that life. With the Life Support Simulators and Emergency Training Manikins you can be certain that, in a real life situation, the saving of a life will be that much more of a certainty. These Manikins are lifelike as are the life support simulation packages such as the AirSim models and advanced models that will simulate CPR scenarios and micro-laryngeal surgical and laser techniques. We also have water rescue and defilbrilators scenario dummies and many others that can fit a large variety of scene and training scenarios.

Our simulators are anatomically correct with a realistic feel to them that is of the utmost importance when training for real life medical emergencies. GTSimulators offers a whole line of Emergency Life Support. If you want to be properly prepared when faced with a medical emergency, buy it today!

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