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    Pediatric Head Simulator

    Life/form® Pediatric Head Simulator - LF00999U



    Life/form® Pediatric Head Simulator

    Life/form® Pediatric Head Simulator LF00999U features:

    • Invaluable tool for demonstrating and practicing infusions and injections in the temporal and jugular veins of a newborn to twelve-month-old infant.
    • Functional head is realistically modeled to represent a six-month-old infant.

    This pediatric injectable head model provides realistic sensation and response. The lifelike vinyl skin actually rolls as you palpate to allow location of the vein. The synthetic rubber tubing for the veins was carefully selected to provide a lifelike simulation of vein size, and feeling of puncture and palpation for practicing venipuncture. The temporal vein of the Life/form® Pediatric Head is easily accessible for IV infusions. Practice in the jugular vein is equally realistic. The neck is made of soft, flexible foam to provide a realistic feel of palpation and puncture. Includes a Life/form® Head with skin and veins, fluid supply bag, two different gauge winged infusion needles, one pint Life/form® blood, teaching guide, and hard carrying case.

    Pediatric Injectable Head Simulator Box Dimensions:
    • Size: 19" x 10" x 5"

    Maintenance: The Life/form® Pediatric Injectable Head Simulator is designed with replaceable skin and veins. Replacement kits are available and easy to use. To extend the life of each skin/vein set, an aerosol sealant is available (LF01099U) to seal punctures in the tubing and prevent leakage.


    Made in USA by Nasco Healthcare and sold by GTSimulators.

    Five-year warranty.

    GTSimulators by Global Technologies
    Nasco Authorized Dealer.

    Replacements & Options
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