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    SOMSO Dura Mater Model

    SOMSO Dura Mater Model - BS2-1

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    SOMSO Dura Mater Model

    SOMSO Dura Mater Model BS 2-1

    Natural size, in SOMSO-Plast®.
    SMOSO Dura Mater Model Showing:
    durae matrix
    falx cerebri
    tentorium cerebelli
    Model in one piece.

    Weight: 200 g. / 7 oz.

    Cleaning and disinfecting your SOMSO Model:

    Spray a rapid and effective water based disinfectant for use on surfaces and wipe with a soft cloth.
    The disinfectant spray must be pH neutral, alcohol-free, aldehyde free, fragrance-free and nonflammable. Is Trusted By