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SOMSO Slipper Animalcule

SOMSO Slipper Animalcule ZoS-107

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SOMSO Slipper Animalcule

Paramecium, model enlarged approx. 1600 times, made in SOMSO-Plast®. After Studiendirektor Christian Groß. The model shows the cell inventory of a portozoa: macro- and micronucleus, contractile vacuoles, cytostome with membranellae, myonemes and food vacuoles and the formation of the endo- and ectoplasm and the network of neuronemes. A detailed block shows the structure of the pellicle of the ectoplasm, and the position and order of the trichocysts and a range of cilia in typical order. Model separates into 2 parts, on a stand with green base and explanatory notes.

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