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Skeleton Models

The skeletal system includes all of the bones and joints in the human body. The human skeleton has major functions as movement, protection, support, endocrine regulation, production of blood cells and storage of ions. The skeleton system provides attachment points for the muscles, allowing the movements of the joints.

We are committed to provide you with a perfect range of anatomically correct skeleton models such as:
  • Human Skeleton - high quality models for hospitals, schools, universities, and laboratories.
  • Disarticulated Skeleton - great for any in depth study of the human skeleton and scientific anatomy studies.
  • Animal Skeleton - there is no better way to study the anatomy of animal then with genuine animal skeletons.
  • Bone Structure - the perfect way to teach and learn about the structure of the human bones.
  • Kinesiology models - life-like positioning and motions of the head, spine, hand and foot, with natural flexibility.
  • Life-size Skeleton - amazing replicas of the human skeleton, almost realistic weight for all of the bones.
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Human Skeleton Model Stan | Anatomical Skeleton Model Stan Skeleton Model on Pelvic Stand

Item # A10

Price: $375.00
On Sale: $316.00
Fred Flexible Anatomical Skeleton Model, on 5 feet roller stand A15 Fred Flexible Skeleton on Pelvic Stand

Item # A15

Price: $717.00
On Sale: $606.00
Male Pelvis Model Male Pelvis Model, 3-parts

Item # H21-1

Price: $282.00
On Sale: $238.00
Dorey Male Pelvis and Pelvic Floor with prostate and seminal vesicle Dorey Male Pelvis and Pelvic Floor with Prostate and Seminal Vesicle

Item # ESPZKK270D

Price: $711.00
On Sale: $636.00
Human Skeleton Model, Mounted on a Rolling Stand Life-size Human Skeleton Model, Mounted on a Rolling Stand

Item # EAMCH1002AS

Price: $286.00
On Sale: $246.00
3B Scientific Mini Skeleton Shorty, mounted on a base A18 Mini Skeleton Shorty On Pelvic Stand

Item # A18

Price: $249.00
On Sale: $210.00
Functional Human Skeleton Model Frank - 3B Scientific A15-3S Functional Physiological Skeleton, Frank, Posable

Item # A15-3S

Price: $1,487.00
On Sale: $1,257.00
Disarticulated Full Human Skeleton, painted muscles, with 3 part skull A05-2 Disarticulated Skeleton with Painted Muscles

Item # A05-2

Price: $769.00
On Sale: $650.00
Female Pelvis Skeleton Model with Genital Organs Female Pelvis Skeleton Model with Genital Organs, 3-part

Item # L31

Price: $310.00
On Sale: $262.00
Vascular Hand Model ESP-ZKJ-689-H Vascular Hand Model

Item # ESPZKJ689H

Price: $567.00
On Sale: $507.00
Vascular Foot  | Vascular Foot Model | Vascular Foot Model ESP-ZKJ-691-F | Vascular Foot Model SB47386U | ESP Vascular Foot Model ZKJ-691-F | ZKJ691F | Foot Model with Blood Vessels | Authorize Dealer for the Vascular Foot | Vascular Foot Model On Sale Vascular Foot Model

Item # ESPZKJ691F

Price: $683.00
On Sale: $611.00
Foot Skeleton Model | Foot Skeleton Model with Ligaments | 3B Scientific Foot Skeleton Model with Ligaments M34 Foot Skeleton Model with Ligaments

Item # M34

Price: $251.00
On Sale: $212.00
Leo the Ligament Skeleton Model, with pelvic A12 Skeleton Model with Ligaments - Leo

Item # A12

Price: $944.00
On Sale: $798.00
Sam the Super Anatomical Skeleton Model, with pelvic roller stand A13 | Super Human Skeleton Model "Sam" - Flexible with Muscles and Ligaments on a Pelvic Mounted Stand Sam Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments on Pelvic Stand

Item # A13

Price: $1,092.00
On Sale: $923.00 Is Trusted By