1. 2019 AHA Compliant CPR Manikins 1. 2019 AHA Compliant CPR Manikins

Back in August 2017, the American Heart Association announced that they will require, starting in January 2019, the use of an instrumented directive feedback device in all course that teach adult CPR skills. All major manufacturers are working to find ways to incorporate the feedback requirements into their adult manikins, either by building in electronic feedback capabilities or by developing add-on equipment. Research by experts in the field has shown that real-time feedback on adult CPR performance significantly increases students' ability to perform quality CPR.

We carry an extensive selection of CPR manikins at different price points that meet the new requirements. Our CPR training products includes feedback solutions to help you meet the requirement and deliver quality CPR training for your learners. Shop for CPR Manikins that are compliant with 2019 AHA Requirements.

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Prestan Adult CPR Training Manikin
Item # PP-AM-100M-MS
Prestan Infant CPR Training, 4 Pack
Item # PP-IM-400M-MS
Prestan Adult CPR Training, 4 Pack
Item # PP-AM-400M-MS
$2,523.00 $2,131.00
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Prestan Child CPR Training, 4 Pack
Item # PP-CM-400M-MS
Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust CPR Manikins, 4 Pack
Item # PP-JTM-400M-MS
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Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin
Item # M16001
$1,095.00 $1,041.00
SmartMan RSIM (with eSERT Power)
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