Zoll Training Cables
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Zoll Training Cables

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Zoll Training Cables

Zoll Training Cables: (wired pads), Product Details:

Training Cables (wired pads)

Simulaids offers training cables with unique cable ends for use with the following defibrillators: Zoll, and Medtronic Physio Control Quick Combo. The training cables are designed to be used with Simulaids Arrhythmia Simulators, Manikins and Chest Posts. If your defibrillator uses snap-on patches we also have the adapters you need to eliminate the use of pads.

Training cables are not recommended for use with any non-rechargeable battery AED. This includes FirstSave, HeartStream, and Medtronic Physio Control with non-rechargeable Lithium Batteries. Cost of replacement batteries for the defibrillator will quickly equal the cost of an appropriate training defibrillator.