GlucoHand® - Digital Glucometer Simulator

GlucoHand® - Digital Glucometer Simulator

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GlucoHand® - Digital Glucometer Simulator

Diabetes affects some 415 million people globally and it is expected to affect one person in 10 by 2040, raising this international figure to 642 million. In the UK an estimated 4.5 million people live with diabetes. Effective diabetes management is now a growing part of those general skills which all clinicians must possess. Blood glucose monitoring remains key in managing diabetes. This model was designed by Nina Godson, Assistant Professor and Lead for Clinical Skills at Coventry University.

The GlucoHand® has been developed in recognition of this rising disease. It aids the understanding and teaching of blood sampling and the interpretation of glucose level data and its implications in patient treatment planning. The GlucoHand® also facilitates patient education, as approximately 700 people a day in the UK are diagnosed with diabetes.

(Diabetes figures from Diabetes UK, Facts and Stats October 2016)

All in One Solution for Blood Glucose Training
  • The model features a simulated glucometer device which allows the tutor or trainer to pre-set a low, normal, high or completely randomised glucose reading
  • Also includes a realistic adult sized hand, cast from life, with two refillable finger blood pads in the middle and ring fingers
  • Blood samples from each of these finger tips may be drawn and measured using the supplied reusable simulated blood glucose test strips, which will produce a result on the simulated Glucometer which can then be interpreted by the student
  • Patient communication
  • Glucometer handling and test strip loading
  • Aseptic technique around blood sampling
  • Obtaining a blood sample and placement of this onto the test strip
  • Interpreting the blood glucose reading as part of wider patient treatment planning
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Simulated glucometer functions just like as a real glucometer with readings in mmol/L or mg/dL
  • Scenario control - the tutor or technician may pre-program the simulated glucometer to give a high, medium, low or completely random blood glucose reading for training or simulation scenarios
  • Natural size, realistic adult left hand. Middle and ring finger with removable blood pads for blood glucose sampling
  • Refillable finger blood pads use Adam,Rouilly mock blood - no need for sugar or control solutions
  • Ideal for scenario based simulation, hybrid simulation as well as patient education 
  • Reusable simulated glucose test strips for economical training
  • Simulated Glucometer Device
  • Simulated hand on base with two refillable blood finger pads
  • 20 reusable simulated blood glucose test strips
  • Blood refill kit concentrate to make up 100 ml of artificial blood (finger tips use 2ml each)
  • Water based lubricant 


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