1. Artery and Vein Models 1. Artery and Vein Models

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4-pc Artery Model
Item # GP2650
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$96.00 $104.00
Arteriosclerosis Model, with cross section of artery, 2 part
Item # G40
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Coronary Arteries and Cardiac Veins Model
Item # GP2575
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$366.00 $432.00
MICROanatomy Muscular Artery and Vein Model Enlarged 14 times
Item # G42
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Coronary Artery and Conducting System of the Heart
Item # KK-A142
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Artery Model with Cut-Away
Item # GP2600
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Kyoto Kagaku Coronary Artery Model
Item # KK-A136
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4-Piece Vein Model
Item # GP2655
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