StandInBaby Training Newborn Baby Simulator

StandInBaby Training Newborn Baby Simulator

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StandInBaby Training Baby Simulator

Engineered joints that mirror the range of movement of a real newborn baby for a seriously life-like feel!

SIB is the worlds first and only fully articulated newborn simulation training aid with engineered joints that mirror the range of movement of a real newborn baby, just like holding a sleeping baby. The product is aimed at newborn handling training and joint manipulation in order to enhance newborn safety by allowing healthcare professionals simulate newborn manual handling techniques to close the gap between novice and competent healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Applications
Pediatric Physiotherapy:
Effective demonstration of exercise therapy, including proper handling and positioning of an infant to promote and reinforce parent confidence.

Medical Imaging:

Scenarios such as neonatal image positioning in particular insertion of PICC line procedures which involved multidisciplinary staff to work together in a small sterile area, simulating these scenarios would promote confidence of staff and roles required.

Doll Therapy:

Utilized for persons with dementia, depression or anxiety who require ongoing care in the means of attachment. StandInBaby's accurate size, weight distribution and relaxed joints instinctively causes a soothing realistic bond with the user.

Antenatal Classes/Childbirth and Parent Education:

Realistic maneuverability of StandInBaby allows the application of use in areas such as breast feeding, safe wrapping, positioning, bathing, nappy/changing/clothes changing, confidence in handling baby, typical birthing positions, how to handle baby after birth.

Health Professional Education:
Health Professional use StandInBaby in the Midwifery, Nursing, Physiotherapy, medicine for birth arrival positions and techniques (shoulder dystocia), exercise therapy positions, newborn check position.

Student Education:
Demonstrate effective learning strategies in the fields of Nursing, Midwifery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Teen Parenting Classes, Childcare, Photography and more.

Demonstration Doll:
Baby wearing demonstrations, child passenger safety training, shaken baby demonstrations and more.

Lactation Consultants:
Breastfeeding education: demonstrating the correct handling and position to support breastfeeding helping mothers to feel confident about breastfeeding their baby.

Infant Message:
Demonstrate massage strokes and sharing information on other forms of touch and communication, such as facial cues, body language and vocalizations.

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StandInBaby Training Newborn Baby Simulator
$746.00 $900.00
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