Life-size Human Brain With Arteries, 8-Part

Life-size Human Brain With Arteries, 8-Part

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Life-size Human Brain Model With Arteries, 8-Part

This nine-part model demonstrates the major anatomical regions of the human brain. Students can remove each region and examine them more closely. Removable regions include the temporal and occipital lobes, brain stem, cerebellum, and the basilar artery. Blood vessels are demonstrated throughout the entire model. Includes base and key card calling out 67 structures.

  • Life Size
  • 8 part, + base
  • Dissectible
  • Shows Arteries

Product Specifications:
  • Weight 2.7 lbs
  • Length 10 in
  • Width 7 in
  • Height 6.5 in

Customer Reviews

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Kathy M.
Very nice model for education!

Very nice model for education!