1. Circulatory System Models 1. Circulatory System Models

By the time one is done with their basic education, they are over with memorizing the human anatomy using plain diagrams. Where one is a medical student in college, university or nursing school, it is necessary to simulate various systems of the body as they are. The circulatory system plays a significant role in our bodies. The use of circulatory system models helps in understanding the circulatory system anatomy in relation to other organs such as the heart, liver, kidney and how the veins and arteries aid in the process.

The type, size and nature of the model should be determined by a number of things. For students, what one wants to learn about circulation is an important factor to consider. In case the model is required for teaching purposes, what is to be demonstrated should be put into consideration. Where the model is wanted for display in medical institutions, one may want to determine the size and location of the display unit.

At gtstimulators.com you get different models to suit different purposes. There are full figure circulatory systems, circulatory system model activity sets as well as functional heart and the circulatory system.

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Full-Figure Circulatory System Model
Item # KK-A61
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Kyoto Kagaku Arteries of the Brain Model
Item # KK-A120
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Full-Figure Circulatory System with Half Skeleton
Item # KK-A62
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Circulatory System Model, 1-2 Life-Size
Item # G30
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Full-Figure Nervous and Circulatory System
Item # KK-A100
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Coronary Arteries and Cardiac Veins Model
Item # GP2575
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SOMSO Lymph Node
Item # HS 19
SOMSO Human Lymphatic System
Item # HS 19/1
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Coronary Artery and Conducting System of the Heart
Item # KK-A142
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$551.00 $599.00
The Heart as a Pump Simulator (0651-00)
Item # DGAP44
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SOMSO Fetal Circulatory System
Item # MS 16
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Lymph Nodes Model, 24" tall
Item # ESAM0306
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Kyoto Kagaku Nerves and Vessels of Arm Model
Item # KK-A144
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SOMSO Circulatory System Model
Item # HS 10
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SOMSO Model of Female Fetus
Item # MS 16/1
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Kyoto Kagaku Coronary Artery Model
Item # KK-A136
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