Basic TERi™ Geriatric Patient Care Trainer

Basic TERi™ Geriatric Patient Care Trainer

Item # LF04300

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Basic TERi™ Geriatric Patient Care Trainer

Introducing the TERI™ Androgynous Geriatric Trainer. Nasco's next-generation GERi manikin that is more realistic, softer and accurate – for realistic, hands-on training.

TERI™ was designed to enable our frontline heroes to deliver the best in care for our elderly population. Featuring weighted, fully articulated joints, TERi™ mimicsa fragile patient, enabling training on patient positioning and fall prevention. A comprehensive male/female elderly patient care trainer for medical simulation. Evolving from our GERi/KERi full-body manikins, it has a more realistic look and feel accurately representing the human anatomy. Weight is distributed to represent a real patient for lifting and carrying.

TERi™ features a soft silicone skin that look and feels more natural than ever. This allows for a more realistic training experience, and enables care providers to better understand the causes and the treatments needed to manageskin tears.

For prehospital emergencies, TERi™ now can mimic the full experience – from intubations for ventilator training (Basic, Complete & Advanced) and auscultation with heart and lung sounds (Advanced) to CPR resuscitations with carotid pulse (Complete & Advanced). Even patient vital signs and monitored signals can be replicated (Advanced).

TERi™ also addresses crucial daily living assistance. Caregivers can correctly learn the essentials of bathing, hair care, denture care, hearing aid placement, eye care and ostomy/catheter care.

Available in 3 versions:
  • Basic Geriatric Patient Care Trainer (currently viewing)– General patient care, daily living assistance simulation platform.
  • Complete Geriatric Patient Skills Trainer– Physical skills practice simulation platform with injection/IV, catheterization, cardiovascular and respiratory support.
  • Advanced Geriatric Patient Simulator– Comprehensive and complete simulation platform including patient monitoring capability.

Basic TERi™
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Complete TERi™ Advanced TERi™
Male and Female Genitalia
Skin Care
Nursing Care
Ostomy Care
Urinary Catheter Care
Left Blood Pressure Arm -
Advanced Skills -
Heart & Lung Sounds - -
Patient Vital Signs - -
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With TERI™, you can be ready like never before to deliver optimal patient care to our most vulnerable population.

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Made in USA.

Five-Year Warranty.

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Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

  • Size: 44" x 23" x 22" in
  • Weight: 65 lb.

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by Nasco Healthcare   —   Item # LF04300
Basic TERi™ Geriatric Patient Care Trainer
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