Baby Buddy® CPR Manikin, 10 Pack

Baby Buddy® CPR Manikin, 10 Pack

Item # LF03722

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  • 5-Year Warranty
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Baby Buddy® CPR Manikin, 10 Pack

The Baby Buddy®CPR Manikin 10-Pack is a full-body infant manikin with proper landmarks to realistically practice CPR techniques. Consists of 10 infant manikins, 100 lung/mouth protection bags, two carrying bags, ten lung insertion tools, and two instruction manuals.
  • Sanitary One-Piece Lung/Mouth Protection System
  • Economical - Each Student Can Have Their Own Manikin
  • Low-Cost Disposable Lung/Mouth Bags - No Messy Cleanup
  • Lung/Mouth Bag Installs Easily (Tool Included)
  • Removable Chest for Easy Lung/Mouth Bag Installation
  • Visible Chest Rise When Ventilated
  • Lightweight and Easily Transported
  • Rugged Carrying Bags Included
  • Five Baby Buddy® Manikins Easily Fit in One Carry Bag
  • Five-Year Warranty

NOTE: Only use AED pads designed for foam body manikins.

Baby Buddy Supplies and Replacement Parts:
  • CPR Manikin Carry Bag, Holds 5 Baby Buddy™ Manikins (LF03724)
  • CPR Manikin Lung-Mouth Protection Bags, Pkg. of 100 (LF03723)
  • Lung Bag Tools, Pkg. of 4 (LF03738)

Made in USA by Nasco Healthcare and sold by GTSimulators.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
Nasco Authorized Dealer.

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by Nasco Healthcare   —   Item # LF03722
Baby Buddy® CPR Manikin, 10 Pack
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