SOMSO Barkbeetle Development Model

SOMSO Barkbeetle Development Model

Item # ZoS 47/6
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SOMSO Barkbeetle Development Model

SOMSO Barkbeetle Development Model ZoS 47-6

approx. 40 times enlarged, made in SOMSO-Plast®. After Studiendirektor Christian Groß. Enlarged and true to detail representation of the big Spruce barkbeetle with eight teeth (Ips typographus L.). with the following phases of development: egg, 2 x young larva, full-grown larva, pupa and beetle. The models are lying in a relief, which has been realized as per the damage diagram and it includes additionally one more damage diagram as natural cast. Model separates into 5 parts. On a base.

Cleaning and disinfecting your SOMSO Model:Spray a rapid and effective water based disinfectant for use on surfaces and wipe with a soft cloth.
The disinfectant spray must be pH neutral, alcohol-free, aldehyde free, fragrance-free and nonflammable.

Model Dimensions and Weight:
  • Height: 20 cm / 7.9 inches
  • Width: 49 cm / 19.3 inches
  • Depth: 28 cm / 11.02 inches
  • Weight: 1.7 kg / 3.74 lbs

Made by SOMSO and sold by GTSimulators.

5 Year Warranty.

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SOMSO Authorized Dealer.

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by SOMSO   —   Item # ZoS 47/6
SOMSO Barkbeetle Development Model
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