NENASim Infant Patient Simulator

NENASim Infant Patient Simulator

Item # MXFP0504

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NENASim Infant Patient Simulator

NENASim is the world’s most realistic baby simulator. NENASim was devised to complement realistic multidisciplinary team and/or individual baby patient simulation training. NENASim offers an ideal training solution for a wide range of healthcare professionals, including but not limited to patient care, emergency medical intervention and resuscitation training for dynamic team or individual training. NENASim infant is available in various degrees of fidelity.

Being wireless and tetherless, the baby can be used within and outside medical departments, even on the move. The durable skin is soft to the touch, easy to clean, and completely envelopes the simulator. The inner parts are designed for realism: the human skeleton is recognizable. Landmark features like the ribs, sternum, fontanelles, collar bones, arm and leg bones, can be found and used for medical procedures. The fontanelles can be set to different states. All joint types have accurate movement degrees.

Realism in form and function

The NENASim has realistic eyes, head, and limb movement. It is capable of a variety of breathing patterns, with different rates, depth and complications. Sounds include the different breathing patterns, pulse, bowels, and vocal sounds like coughing, laughing, and crying. It is possible to add your own sounds.Through the use of the stethoscope simulator many different sounds within the body can be traced, like heart, breathing, and bowel sounds. These too can be added.

Realistic airway management

One of the most important aspects of pediatric care, which requires full understanding and expertise of the staff, is airway management.

The NENASim has a realistic airway, with a tongue, vocal chords, trachea and esophagus, attached to two lungs. The NENASim allows training with nasotracheal and orotracheal intubation as well as mask ventilation and laryngeal mask insertion. Head tilt and chin lift can be trained, as well as performing the jaw-thrust maneuver. Pneumothorax and chest tube insertion can be performed.

Cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system of the NENASim simulates blood circulation. Vital signs, like blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiratory rate are visible on the patient monitor and directly from the patient simulator. The NENASim has palpable axillary, femoral, fontanel, and umbilical cord pulses, which are synchronized with the patient monitor. When applying CPR, the software shows feedback on the depth and frequency. The CPR compressions generate corresponding pulses, blood pressure waveforms, sounds, and ECG.

NENASim infant represents a male baby with 23.23 inches and 9.26 lbs. NENASim infant is available in various degrees of fidelity (NENASim Xtreme, Xpert, Xtra, Xcel, Xact).

NENASim Models comparison

Model Xact Xcel Xtra Xpert Xtreme
Lifelike anatomical model with human physiology
Simulate a wide variety of clinical situations 
Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus -
Oral and nasal intubation and bag valve mask ventilation -
Insert a laryngeal mask, oropharyngeal airway, and nasopharyngeal airway -
CPR Software feedback - -
Spontaneous breathing with variable rate, depth, and regularity - - -
Vocal sounds: laughing, crying, hiccups, coughing, and breathing - - -
Fontanel with palpable pulse and adjustable depth - - -
Auscultation heart, lungs and bowel - - -
Possibility of cyanosis, jaundice, red and pale coloring of the cheeks and skin - - - -
Moving limbs for lifelike realism - - - -
Pupillary Response - - - -
Urinary catherization - - - -
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Also available in other versions

  • Lenght: 12.99 in / 33 cm
  • Weight: 1.61 lbs / 730 grams
  • Sex: Female
  • Skin tone: Dark, Medium, Light
  • Models: Xcel, Xact

  • Lenght: 17.72 in / 45 cm
  • Weight: 4.41 lbs / 2 kg
  • Sex: Male
  • Skin tone: Dark, Medium, Light
  • Models: Xcel, Xact

  • Lenght: 23.23 in / 59 cm
  • Weight: 9.23 lbs / 4.2 kg
  • Sex: Male
  • Skin tone: Dark, Medium, Light
  • Models: Xtreme, Xpert, Xtra, Xcel, Xact

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    NENASim Infant Patient Simulator
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