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Deluxe TB Testing Arm Set (3)
Item # HE-26620
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Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set
Item # HE-79851
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Ostomy Care Model, Beige
Item # HE-26130
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TSE Model, Beige (2 lumps in one testicle)
Item # HE-26406
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Interchangeable Nodules BSE Model, Beige
Item # HE-26504
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Abdominal Palpation Model
Item # HE-79820
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Pressure Sore Cleansing And Dressing Model, Beige
Item # HE-26828
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Group BSE-Breast Self-Examination Model, Beige
Item # HE-26547
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Drunk & Dangerous Glasses with Case
Item # HE-79190A
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Diabetic Foot Model Set (2)
Item # HE-26160
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Diabetic Foot Model
Item # HE-26101
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Internal Fetal Monitor Trainer
Item # HE-79858
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Severe Diabetic Foot Model
Item # HE-26150
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Nasogastric Intubation Model
Item # HE-84087
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Men's Breast Cancer Awareness Model
Item # HE-26470
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TSE Model, Beige, 2 lumps in each testicle
Item # HE-26400
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