Randy 9000 Rescue Training Manikin 6'1", 48 Lb.

Randy 9000 Rescue Training Manikin 6'1", 48 Lb.

Item # 149-9000

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Randy 9000 Rescue Training Manikin 6'1", 48 Lb.

This manikin is designed to be customized by the user for optimal training use. The manikin is made from rugged polyethylene parts (the same material out of which backboard are molded) that allow for the addition of varying amounts of weight to each of the pieces. You may add water, sand, or any other substance as long as you can empty the substance out of the parts. The empty manikin is easily moved and stored when training is completed. Manikin by itself weights approximately 48 lb.

This custom-molded construction ensures constant size from one manikin to the next and allows the utilization of Randy 9000 in every environment imaginable. Each sealed piece is assembled with stainless steel hardware. The range of motion of the joints, including bending at the waist, mimics real life.

Randy 9000 is perfect for RIT or Combat Challenge as well as ship-board, heavyweight, horizontal rescues or lightweight packaging exercises like spinal immobilization. Randy 9000 may be used in all weather conditions and the joint design protects rescuers' fingers. Each manikin component is easy to replace.

3 Year Warranty.


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Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • 25" x 29" x 19" in
  • 68 lb

Customer Reviews

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Great, but tall

The Rescue Randy 9000 is a great test dummy to add to your lineup. The flexibility of varying overall body weight and weight distribution (e.g., via altered body segment weights) is very valuable. However, it should be advised that this Randy is tall: taller than is claimed, at least, and much taller than the average male. Randy measured at 6'4" tall and sits like a 6'8" person. This is often not a problem, depending on your purpose or application. This Randy is unlikely to be a perfect fit for most applications, but rarely is anything perfect with experiments. It is educational regardless.

by Nasco Healthcare   —   Item # 149-9000
Randy 9000 Rescue Training Manikin 6'1", 48 Lb.
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