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World’s Best Practice CPR
SmartMan provides high quality CPR manikins designed and built to last. Achieve top-quality CPR performance with a system that is proven to develop competence.

Our award winning real time feedback is so simple you can adjust your performance on the fly and thus perform to meet the level and skills outlined in the AHA guidelines.
Our products serve Infant and Baby CPR, BLS (55 lbs to 250 lbs with adjustable chest resistance), ALS, Megacode (Code Blue), SIM for response to SCA and Airway Management Trainer (for improved use of BVM as well as Intubation on the fly).
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Designed specifically for CPR, the SmartMan manikins develop the ability to perform CPR Skills with consistence, producing the highest survival rate in the world.

SmartMan performs at high level with accuracy. SmartMan means Quality CPR, Competent CPR, supplying better Hardware and better Feedback. In Compliance with the 2019 AHA Guidelines.

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