SmartMan Baby CPR PRO

SmartMan Baby CPR PRO

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SmartMan Baby CPR PRO

This is a full baby manikin which simulates a baby from one month of age to 12 months of age. It has an excellent look and feel and is suitable for both in arm CPR and around the chest CPR. It sets the standard for accuracy and ease of understanding the real time feedback. It is designed to improve how well you perform chest compressions, ventilations and CPR. Pediatric CPR with Accurate Real Time Feedback

A full body baby manikin with an excellent look and feel. Accurate for even very low volumes of air. It features the award winning real time feedback system.

Results Management:

  • Review and Print
  • Class List with Scores
  • Export Results to Excel

Focus On Ventilations:

This product includes several special activities to improve ventilations on a baby. Respiratory difficulties occur more often with babies than with adults. These practice activities will improve how you use the BVM.

Lung Sizes:

  • Choose multiple lung capacities
  • Single click to set size.

Volume Control:

Feel how different volumes are used on different size babies. See full feedback.

Rate Control:

Accurate feedback for even very
low volumes. See air on ventimeter
as it flows into the lungs.

Improve Tidal Flow:

Shows in and out movement of air and proper release of the BVM.

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by SmartMan   —   Item # SMI-B201
SmartMan Baby CPR PRO
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