3B Scientific Essential Nursing Lab Kit
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3B Scientific Essential Nursing Lab Kit

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3B Scientific Essential Nursing Lab Kit

The nursing lab kit to practice and perfect basic nursing clinical skills.

Train on patient care, catheterization, and wound management of various severities using the included simulators. Practice needle work for injections and blood draws on trainers with realistic feel and texture. Review human anatomy in life-size scale and accurate detail with quality anatomical models. Great for any nursing program!

Essential Nursing Lab Kit Includes:
  • P11-1 Patient Care Manikin Basic
  • P15 Decubitus Simulator
  • J10 Skin Section, 70x life size
  • P100 Wound Care & Bandaging Trainer
  • P50-1 IV Injection Arm
  • P54 IM Injection Pad
  • P93B-S Basic Catheterization Set
  • VR1514L Urinary Tract Chart
  • B40 Dual Gender Muscle Torso, 31 part

Made by 3B Scientific and sold by GTSimulators.

Three Year Warranty.

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