STAT Baby - 9-month-old Infant

STAT Baby - 9-month-old Infant

Item # 101-350

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STAT Baby - 9-month-old Infant

Realism in pediatric training no longer crawls at old technology rates. The Simulaids STAT Baby brings you the most lifelike simulator for infant care by utilizing new materials for tactile awareness during patient assessment. Developed in conjunction with leading pediatric physician involvement, this baby contains a wide range of skill sets in a simple format that is affordable to all. The infant is sized to a 9-month-old and weighs 18 lbs. The size, heft, and feel of this child stirs the emotions when you pick it up.

  • Bilateral chest tube insertion
  • Defibrillation with shock level of 2-4 joules per kg
  • ET tube insertion
  • Feeding tube care
  • Foley catheter insertion (female)
  • Intramuscular and subcutaneous injection sites
  • Intraosseous leg
  • LMA insertion
  • NG tube placement fluid reservoir
  • Peripheral IV site on hand and foot
  • PICC line
  • Pneumothrorax
  • Rectal medication
  • 6 Pulse locations (2 brachial, 2 femoral, 2 carotid)
  • Tongue edema and laryngospasm
    Set includes:
  • IV vein replacement kit
  • Replacement I/O leg bones (12)
  • Pneumothorax pads (4)
  • ECG Simulator with defib adapters
  • Pulse bulb
  • Reservoir bags
  • Blood powder
  • Two sets of replacement arm and leg skins
  • Syringes (2)
  • A carry bag
Accessories Included:
  • 4-lead ECG simulator included
Skill Sets:
  • Advanced Intubation Head
  • Tongue Edema
  • Laryngospasm
  • Accepts LMA and ET, OPA, NPA, LT
  • 3 pairs of pulse locations (carotid, brachial, femoral, plus L redial)
  • 3 IV sites (right side antecubital, dorsal hand, and left saphenous pedal)
  • PICC site‚ right arm
  • I/O Leg, right side
  • ECG monitoring‚ 4 lead (includes ECG Simulator age group specific)
  • Defibrillation (20 joules to 360 joules capable training cables available to replace hands free pads conversion feature)
  • Chest Decompression (bilateral sites no manikin damage, pad (replacement only)
  • Chest Tube Placement (left midaxillary site fluid return with insertion)
  • Urinary catheterization (fluid return with insertion)
  • Rectal Medication

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by Nasco Healthcare   —   Item # 101-350
STAT Baby - 9-month-old Infant
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