Abdominal Assessment Training Simulator

Abdominal Assessment Training Simulator

Item # KK-MW43

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Abdominal Assessment Training Simulator

Lifelike feeling is essential for palpation training. Most realistic model for abdominal assessment training. Accurate landmarks and anatomy, and interchangeable organs of different conditions. The simulator facilitates effective hands-on training programs.

This model was mainly designed for abdominal assessment for OSCE. Our model MW43 offers advanced abdominal assessment training with new developed skins. The trainees can get experience to touch abnormal organs. The feel of the organs and the skin are very close to the human body. Interchangeable organ inserts are made of different materials to each condition to reproduce the palpation feeling of real human. Irregular surface of cirrhosis can also be recognized by palpation. The soft abdominal skin provides trainees lifelike feeling and promotes aquisition of palpation skill.

Training Skills:

Visual Inspection: abdominal regions
Auscultation: renal bruit / aortic bruit / iliac artery bruit / bowel sound
Palpation: liver / spleen / kidney / uterus / inguinal area
Percussion: liver / spleen / ribs


Supple, resilient and delicate texture
Palpation can be performed, assessing position, shape and consistency of organs, through a realistic feeling abdominal wall
Interchangeable Organs
Interchangeable organ inserts are made of different materials for each condition in order to reproduce the feeling of pathology. This simulator even allows you to recognise the firm, irregular surface of a cirrhotic liver.
Respiratory Motion
Respiratory liver motion which can be controlled with a foot switch pedal to more closely simulate the real clinical setting.
Abdominal Auscultation
The abdominal sounds of real patients have been recorded and can be appreciated using the simulated stethoscope. The simulator can generate the sounds of renal and iliac artery bruits, the abdominal aorta and both normal and obstructive bowel sounds.

Regions for Assessment

Set Includes

  • - 1 male torso unit
  • - 1 talcum powder
  • - 1 set of the respiratory motion control unit
  • - 2 kidneys (hydronephrosis, cysts)
  • - 2 spleens(slightly enlarged, enlarged)
  • - 2 spleens(slightly enlarged, enlarged)
  • - 4 livers(pre-cirrhosis, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, normal)
  • - 2 inguinal lymph nodes(normal, lymphoma)
  • - 2 uterus (normal, fibroid)
  • - 1 simulated stethoscope
  • - 1 controller
  • - 1 AC adapter
  • - 4 storage cases
  • - 1 instruction manual


GTSimulators by Global Technologies
Kyoto Kagaku Authorized Dealer
Product Dimensions and Weight:
  • Size: 40x80x20cm / 15.7x31.5x7.9 inch
  • Weight: 14kg / 30.9lbs
  • Soft resin
  • Latex free

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
Kyoto Kagaku Authorized Dealer

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by Kyoto Kagaku   —   Item # KK-MW43
Abdominal Assessment Training Simulator
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