Abdominal Assessment Training Simulator

Abdominal Assessment Training Simulator

Item # KK-MW43

Abdominal Assessment Training Simulator

Lifelike feeling is essential for palpation training. Most realistic model for abdominal assessment training. Accurate landmarks and anatomy, and interchangeable organs of different conditions. The simulator facilitates effective hands-on training programs.

This model was mainly designed for abdominal assessment for OSCE. Our model MW43 offers advanced abdominal assessment training with new developed skins. The trainees can get experience to touch abnormal organs. The feel of the organs and the skin are very close to the human body. Interchangeable organ inserts are made of different materials to each condition to reproduce the palpation feeling of real human. Irregular surface of cirrhosis can also be recognized by palpation. The soft abdominal skin provides trainees lifelike feeling and promotes aquisition of palpation skill.




  • Easy setting of organs
  • Respiratory movement
  • Vascular bruits and bowel sounds

Bony landmarks for palpation:
lower rib cage, costal margin, xiphisternum, pubic crest, anterior superior iliac spine, pelvis

Set includes:
  • 2 kindneys(hydronephrosis, cysts)
  • 2 spleens (slightly enlarged, enlarged)
  • 4 livers (precirrhosis, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, normal)
  • 2 inguinal lymph nodes (nomal, lymphoma)
  • 2 uterus (normal, fibroid)
  • Ausculation sound unit

Training Skills:

  • Abdominal regions
  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Renal bruit
  • Aortic bruit
  • Bowel sounds (normal, subileus)
  • Iliac artery bruit
  • Liver (normal /chronic hepatitis /cirrhosis)
  • Spleen (normal /slightly enlarged /enlarged)
  • Kidneys (normal / cysts/ hydronephrosis)
  • Inguinal area (normal /lymphoma)
  • Uterus (normal / fibroid)

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