Advanced IV Hand, Medium Skin

Advanced IV Hand, Medium Skin

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Life/form® Advanced IV Hand, Medium Skin Tone

• Dorsal surface of the incredibly realistic hand includes injectable metacarpal, digital, and thumb veins
• Soft, flexible fingers with extreme attention to detail
• Develop important manipulation skills provided by the flexion of the wrist
• Skin rolls as you palpate the veins and characteristic “pop” can be felt when the vein is penetrated
• Simulated skin and veins are completely replaceable
• Includes 1 pint simulated blood, 2 IV bags, butterfly set, 3 cc syringe, 12 cc syringe, 22-gauge needle, and storage box

* Fluid supply stand not included.

Replacement available:

Five-year warranty.

Made in USA by Nasco Healthcare and sold by GTSimulators.

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Nasco Authorized Dealer.