Ambu® Man Defib - Next Generation
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Ambu® Man Defib - Next Generation

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Ambu® Man Defib - Next Generation

The Ambu Man Defib combines the basic function of Ambu Man Wireless with the additional option for early defibrillation. The Ambu Man Defib Wireless is equipped with the proven and patented Ambu hygienic system to avoid cross-contamination.

Ambu Manikin Management Modules
The core is the Ambu Man with the latest, integrated Ambu Wireless Technology. The browser-based Ambu Manikin Management Module allows the wireless control, documentation and monitoring of the performance of the trainees. The Ambu Manikin Management Module is the central interface, where all data and information come together: compression depth, correct hand position, ventilation volume, stomach inflation.

Defibrillation and ECG
The apex and sternum electrodes can be defibrillated with up to 360 joules. By using the appropriate adapters, manual and automatic biphasic defibrillators from various manufacturers can be connected.

Monitoring instrument

The indicator shows the instructor, the volume of supplied air (in L) and the chest compression depth (in mm). Furthermore it visualises the compression with wrong hand position and a gastric inflation with a warning symbol.

The carotid pulse can be felt during chest compression and also can be simulated by a manual pulse bellow.

Key Features
• Latest Ambu Wireless Technology
• Robust and durable
• Individually programmable scenarios
• Browser-based Ambu Manikin
Management Modules for control, documentation and monitoring
• Defibrillation
• Adjustable chest stiffness
• Ambu Hygienic system for mouth-tomouth and mouth-to-nose ventilation
• Airways open only with correct hyperextension
• Transport bag with integrated practice mat and backpack function

*** Limbs are available as an option ***

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by Ambu   —   Item # A265407000
Ambu® Man Defib - Next Generation
$5,498.00 $5,727.00
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