Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator

Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator

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Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator

Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator - AAJ001

Oh, Joy! The Anatomical Apron by Joy !! has been designed to be an educational tool which will help demonstrate both the physical and physiological revisions that take place when an ostomy surgery occurs. It provides a clear visual and tactile model for your client and family and it helps to encourage and stimulate important questions during your teaching session.

The Anatomical Apron by Joy!! enables your clients to visualize what occurs both on the inside and outside of their abdomen following surgery. This greatly enhances your patient's understanding of what will occur during surgery thus alleviating some of their fears and helping to speed and facilitate their recovery.

The Anatomical Apron by Joy!! was conceived as an educational tool which helps patients and others understand the physiologic and structural changes that take place when ostomy surgery happens. Many have already found it to be extremely useful for bedside teaching and in classrooms, and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed developing it to share with you.

by Joy Hooper, RN, BSN, CWOCN

  • Hospital Educators
  • Nursing Schools & Instructors
  • Nursing Home & Long-Term
  • Facility Education Departments
  • Home Health Agency
  • Patient Educators
  • Wound Care & Ostomy Nurses
  • Physicians' Offices
  • Support Groups
  • Surgeons' Offices

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