Bionic Hybrid Suit Auscultation Simulator

Bionic Hybrid Suit Auscultation Simulator

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Bionic Hybrid Suit Auscultation Simulator

With ECG, pulse points, the SimBP™ Simulator for Blood Pressure and auscultation of the heart, lungs and bowel, the BHS™ provides extensive training capabilities for Standardized Patient simulation. Instructors can control normal and abnormal conditions from a set of available parameters in real time. The BHS™ allows students to interact with a live patient while assessing signs and symptoms independently.

The BHS™ software is efficient and easy-to-use. In minutes, the instructor will be able to customize the patient’s parameters and set up the BHS™ wearable simulator according to their scenario. Moreover, with its own Wi-Fi hotspot, all devices are constantly interconnected so the instructor feels in control of the simulation at every moment.

The wearable Bionic Hybrid Simulator features:

1. SimScope® Electronic Training Stethoscope with a dedicated laptop
SimScope® is an electronic auscultation simulation-training stethoscope which allows students to auscultate at the anatomically-correct locations, both anteriorly and posteriorly. With RFID sensor tags woven precisely into the fabric of the BHS™, a pre-selected sound will play as soon as the SimScope® stethoscope’s chest piece is navigated onto one of anatomically correct locations on the garment. When accessing the SimScope® software, educators can pick any sound from the large Cardionics auscultation library consisting of 32 sounds, enabling their students to actively engage in a human-to-human auscultation practice and hands-on training.

2. SimBP™ Simulator for Blood Pressure
SimBP™ is a simulator used to replicate manual blood pressure measurement. It has a soft inflatable cuff which is fastened around the Standardized Patient’s arm, while the pressure meter indicates the cuff’s pressure. The student uses a small, handheld air pump to realistically inflate the cuff and then slowly releases air pressure by twisting the air valve. As the pressure is released, the SimScope® stethoscope is used to listen to arterial blood flow sounds in order to determine the diastolic and systolic pressures as well as identify the Korotkoff phases.

SimBP™ offers individual adjustment of systolic and diastolic pressures as well as the heart rate. Measurements range between 20 and 300 mmHg and the sound volume of SimScope® stethoscope can be adjusted.

3. 5-wire ECG connections
The BHS™ garment has five integrated snaps compatible with three bipolar limb leads (lead I, II, III) and one unipolar lead (V1), hence is compatible with most real ECG monitors. It offers four different waveforms and is synchronized with heart rate and pulses for more reality.

4. Carotid and radial pulse points
Some medical conditions can be a factor in determining the best place for taking the pulse. Therefore, the BHS™ offers the possibility to measure both: radial pulse using the simulated radial artery in the wrist, and the carotid pulse on the simulated carotid artery in the neck.

5. Log file
All activities performed during a scenario including time stamps are trackable with the log file functionality and can be saved as a separate file for debriefing.

6. Pre-recorded vocal sounds
Remotely activated from the SimScope® software by the instructor, the pre-recorded vocal sounds can be played into the ear buds worn by a Standardized Patient to provide clues and guidance.

The benefits of Standardized Patient Simulation with the Bionic Hybrid Simulator:

  • Capable of recreating unlimited simulated medical scenarios to supplement any curriculum
  • Create and save custom scenarios
  • Wearable technology which can be put both on Standardized Patients as well as on patient simulators for added realism
  • Allows students to perform a physical assessment, while retaining the human-to-human interaction necessary for realistic, engaging education
  • Enhances the exam performance by responding in real time to diagnosis and treatment

Delivery content:

  • One BHS™ garment, washable (30°C gentle cycle) and available in different sizes
  • SimBP™ Blood Pressure Simulator
  • SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope
  • Laptop with pre-installed SimScope® software
  • Hard carrying case
  • USB cable
  • Battery charger

The purchase of Bionic Hybrid Simulator includes a complimentary 1-year SAM Online® license. SAM Online® is an interactive online auscultation training platform that gives students and instructors access to an extensive simulated sounds library, lesson guides for over 60 conditions and tools to chart the learning progress. The comprehensive sound library and the instructor aid make SAM Online® suitable for every level of auscultation training.


Shirt Size Chart:
Chest (cm) 102 112 122 133
Waist (cm) 87 97 107 117
Hips (cm) 100 107 115 125
Product Dimensions and Weight
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 10 in
  • SimShirt System Bionic Hybrid
    Can be worn by students and manikins
    Simulation of heart, breath, and bowel sounds
    RFID sensor tags integrated
    Simulates multiple physiological conditions
    Real time diagnostics and treatment capabilities
    Carotid pulse
    Radial pulse
    5-wire EKG connection
    SimScope Wifi included included
    Tablet with pre-installed software included included

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    by Cardionics   —   Item # 718-3802
    Bionic Hybrid Suit Auscultation Simulator
    $12,250.00 $12,500.00
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