CAE Luna - Advanced

CAE Luna - Advanced

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CAE Luna - Advanced

CAE Healthcare’s first tetherless and completely wireless infant simulator, CAE Luna, offers a complete range of options for essential training in the care and medical treatment of a neonate in crisis. CAE Luna is remarkably lightweight and realistically represents a baby from birth to 28 days after delivery.

CAE Luna

Your complete solution
for neonatal resuscitation training

A baby simulator that’s uniquely designed for comprehensive training in newborn assessment and resuscitation

Built on a scalable platform to meet critical healthcare education objectives and compliance requirements in newborn nursing, the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), CAE Luna enables learners to practice and gain proficiency in newborn assessment, neonatal resuscitation, advanced life support and more.

Combined with CAE Maestro's user-friendly software interface and the exceptional blend of durability, reliability, and quality for which CAE is known, this neonatal simulator is everything you've been waiting for in infant patient simulation training.

Powered by CAE Maestro

CAE Maestro is a user-friendly software interface that can be operated on the fly or with pre-programmed Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs). Maestro is intuitive, tablet-based, and allows facilitators to maneuver vital signs and patient states within seconds. Maestro also is designed for easy creation of user-developed Simulated Clinical Experiences and scenarios.

Standard Equipment
  • CAE Luna wireless and tetherless infant manikin, medium and dark skin tones available
  • One year CAE Express level support and maintenance
  • Software-compatible tablet
  • CAE Maestro instructor-driven software platform
  • 1 CAE Maestro standalone license
  • 1 Wireless StethoSym
  • Includes 5 Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs)
    • - Infant Code
    • - Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
    • - Neonatal Resuscitation
    • - Pneumothorax
    • - Poor Perfusion
  • Electronic User Guide
  • Optional Equipment
    • Patient monitor computer
    • SymDefib external defibrillation box
    • Additional StethoSym units
    • Maestro physiology
    • Additional standalone Maestro licenses



    Watch videos

    CAE Lucina Clinical Features

    CAE Lucina Postpartum Hemorrhage Setup

    CAE LucinaAR Overview

    CAE LucinaAR Preview

    CAE Lucina Setup for Non-gravid Patient

    CAE Lucina Setup for All-fours Birthing Position

    CAE Lucina Normal Delivery Setup

    CAE Lucina Internal Blood Tank for Postpartum Hemorrhage

    CAE Lucina External Blood Tank for Postpartum Hemorrhage

    Live Advanced
    Newborn to 1 month Y Y
    Length 21 inches Y Y
    Target Weight 8 lbs Y Y
    Interchangeable gender Y Y
    Bleeding via externally connected IV Y Y
    Internal battery Y Y
    Wireless facilitator control Y Y
    Anatomically correct airway Y Y
    Oral endotracheal intubation Y Y
    Nasal endotracheal intubation Y Y
    Right mainstem intubation Y Y
    Laryngeal mask placement Y Y
    Oropharyngeal airway insertion Y Y
    Nasopharyngeal airway insertion Y Y
    Pre-made tracheostomy site Y Y
    Manual chest excursion (BVM) Y Y
    Asymmetrical chest excursion Y Y
    Oral and nasopharyngeal suctioning Y Y
    Lung sound auscultation Y Y
    Pneumothorax decompression Y Y
    Chest tube placement Y Y
    Circumoral cyanosis - Y
    Laryngospasm - Y
    Spontaneous breathing - Y
    Variable respiratory rate and breathing patterns - Y
    Detection of ventilated air - Y
    Pneumothorax decompression detection - Y
    Substernal retractions - Y
    Mechanical ventilation support (with Advanced External Lung)  - Y
    Manual tristate pupils Y Y
    Manual adjustable fontanelle Y Y
    Active arm movement - Y
    Digestive and Urinary
    Feeding tube placement Y Y
    Distended abdomen with esophageal intubation Y Y
    Urinary catheterization with fluid return Y Y
    Bowel sound auscultation Y Y
    Chest compressions Y Y
    IO access Y Y
    IM injections Y Y
    Peripheral venous access via cephalic vein Y Y
    Peripheral venous access via lateral marginal vein Y Y
    Peripheral venous access via temporal vein Y Y
    Central venous access via umbilicus Y Y
    SQ injections Y Y
    Peripheral arterial catheter placement Y Y
    Subclavian catheter placement Y Y
    Bilateral bracheal pulses Y Y
    Variable pulse strength Y Y
    Library of cardiac rhythms Y Y
    Commercial ECG device compatible Y Y
    Heart sound auscultation Y Y
    Chest compression metrics Y Y
    Femoral pulse - Y
    Umbilical pulse - Y
    Light and dark skin tones Y Y
    Articulations Y Y
       - Elbow Y Y
       - Shoulder Y Y
       - Hip Y Y
       - Knee Y Y
       - Neck Y Y
       - Jaw Y Y
    Removable umbilical cord supporting cut-down Y Y
    SymDefib Y Y
    Commercial defibrillator compatible Y Y
    Physiological model Y Y
    External lung - Y
    Facilitator control software Y Y
    Emulated patient monitor software Y Y

    About Our Simulation Curriculum

    All of CAE Healthcare's simulation curriculum and patient cases are developed in collaboration with leading educational institutions and clinical experts. Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) and patient cases are reviewed by healthcare educators to ensure they convey best practices and standards of care. We frequently update our curriculum based on the latest society guidelines and in collaboration with subject matter experts and offer the widest breadth of scenarios and cases, developed over 15 years in simulation, so learners can gain exposure to more patients than they would over years in practice.

    Simulated Clinical Experiences include a scenario synopsis, learning objectives, learner performance measures, facilitator's notes, debriefing points, teaching questions and evidence-based references. We provide simple cases for beginners as well as a full range of complex scenarios and procedures to help practicing clinicians improve preparation and readiness. We incorporate rich patient content, from lab reports and x-rays to patient histories, based on real patient data, and our simulators can present multiple pathologies and complications to allow practice of emergency management response.

    Dimensions and Weight:
  • Size: 31” x 10” x 16”
  • Weight: 31 pounds
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    by CAE Healthcare   —   Item # LUNA-300
    CAE Luna - Advanced
    $35,339.00 $36,060.00
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