Canine Rectal Exam Task Trainer

Canine Rectal Exam Task Trainer

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Canine Rectal Exam Task Trainer

Providing veterinary medical students and technicians with a realistic animal tissue analogue to practice the common clinical skill of urogenital rectal exam.
A modular clinical physical exam skills model with quickly interchangeable prostate/urethra, rectal, and lymphatic units to accurately assess canine genitourinary rectal exam. Learners can improve their skills and validate competency on a realistic silicone model well before attempting these skills on a real patient, thus improving confidence in technique and reducing negative patient outcomes.

    6 different urethra & prostate models
  • Normal female
  • Female urinary stone
  • Normal neutered male
  • Male urinary stone
  • Assymetric soft hypertrophic prostate
  • Asymetric rigid hypertrophic prostate
    Kit includes:
  • 2 Perineum & Rectum units
  • 1 normal smooth rectum
  • 1 with polyps

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by Erler Zimmer   —   Item # EZVET4650
Canine Rectal Exam Task Trainer
$1,790.00 $1,950.00
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