CVC Insertion Simulator III

CVC Insertion Simulator III

Item # KK-M93C

CVC Insertion Simulator III

CVC III facilitates a sequence of uninterrupted simulation experience for specialist training.
From aseptic field preparation to final catheter placement.

  • Insertion practice is repeatable to obtain the best technique for patient safety.
  • Both landmark guided insertion and ultrasound guided techniques can be practiced.
  • The frictionless tissue-like simulation pad to facilitate the realistic sensation of CVC placement.
  • Ultrasound compatible
  • Pad material simulates features of human tissue
  • Anatomically accurate features including 3 insertion sites and rib cage

  • Take complete steps to a successful CVC insertion
  • Perform hand hygiene practices and prepare aseptic field
  • Decide on insertion site via ultrasound guidance or observation and palpation of landmarks
  • Insertion under ultrasound guidance or via landmark technique
  • Confirm flashback
  • Advance guidewire and sheath
  • Insert catheter

Soft resin, hydrogel, hard resin. Latex free

*Ultrasound machine and needles are not included.



Set includes:
  • 1 male upper torso manikin
  • 2 CVC placement pad
  • 1 skin for cannulation training
  • 1 transparent anatomical block
  • 2 artery tueb (transparent): 2 type
  • 2 vein tube (blue): 2 type
  • 2 vein pipe
  • 1 Pulsation unit (for landmark technique)
  • 1 irrigation bottle (for UG technique)
  • 1 irrigation bottle
  • 1 plastic jar
  • 1 sample needle
  • 1 coloring powder (red/tube)
  • 1 syringe (2.5ml, 50ml each)
  • 1 introductory ultrasound training block REAL VESSELS

Product Dimensions and Weight:
  • Size: 15.7" x 8" x 13.5" in
  • Weight: 4.8 lb.