Deluxe Muscle Leg, 7 part, Life Size
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Deluxe Muscle Leg, 7 part, Life Size

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Deluxe Muscle Leg Model, 7 part, Life Size - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

This life-size muscular leg model can be disassembled into upper and lower leg. The following muscles can be detached from the muscular leg:
  • Long head of biceps femoris muscle with semitendinous muscle
  • Sartorius muscle
  • Gluteus maximus muscle
  • Rectus femoris muscle
  • Gastrocnemius muscle

This high quality muscular leg model is supplied on base. Study the anatomy of the human leg with this realistic model!

Key card: L/G/E/F/S/P/J

Dimensions & Weight:
  • 100 cm / 40 Inches
  • 7 kg / 15.5 Lbs


Made by 3B Scientific and sold by GTSimulators.

Three-Year Warranty.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
3B Scientific Authorized Dealer.

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
 Box Dimensions: 9" x  29" x 13"
 Weight: 8 lbs

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