EndoSurgical Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator

EndoSurgical Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator

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EndoSurgical Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator

Learn dissection and laparoscopic suture in a safe and skill generator environment with the this simulator.

This laparoscopic surgery simulator provides access to the entire abdomen, which presents itself as in a real laparoscopic surgery. It has a vagino-abdominal interface, allowing the introduction of uterine manipulators. Its surgical units have a distended and semi-rigid abdomen, made of E.V.A. rubber, which allows multiple punctures. It also allows hystero and urological interventions through the vaginal complex made of Neoderma®.

This 2nd generation of laparoscopic simulators makes part of the R.E.S.T. class (Realistic EndoSurgical Trainers) and is destined to gynecological endoscopy, general surgery and urology. It was designed for the practice on Laparoscopy, Robotics, N.O.T.E.S. and Single Port.

Among external and internal organs that can be operated by laparoscopy, there are: vagina, uterus with adhesions, myoma and two customizable ovarian tumors, bladder, ureter, bowel, liver with gallbladder and biliary tract, spleen, pancreas, stomach and large omentum with adhesions for dissection and cecal appendix.

The Neoderma of this surgical unit is also designed to be used with dissection scissors and for ultrasonic energy at the lowest power setup, allowing precise cuts.

Simulator Includes:
  • 1 Base - ETX-0
  • 1 Peritoneal Wall Complete Including Organs - ETX-6
    • Liver with Gallbladder and Biliary Tract - ETX-3
    • Spleen - ETX-4
    • Stomach - ETX-5
    • Intestinal Tract - ETX-6B
  • 1 Abdominal Wall - ETX-10
  • 1 Vaginal Block - ETX-14A
  • 1 Artificial Uterus with Pathologies - ETX-14B
  • 1 Cul de Sac Coverage - ETX-11
  • 1 Multiple Suture Set - ETR1

Additional parts available upon request:

  • Peritoneal wall with ureter and bladder only - ETX-6A
  • Simple peritoneal wall without bowels or ureter - ETX-6C
  • Abdominal wall with umbilical region (not for insufflation) - ETX-10B
  • Large uterus for multiple myomectomy (myoma, adhesions, and ovarian tumors) - ETX-14C
  • Appendix for surgical intervention - ETX-15

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  • Dim.:25" x 20" x 14" in
  • Weight:31 lbs

Product Dimensions:
  • 18" x 17" x 8" in / 46 x 44 x 21 cm

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by Pro Delphus   —   Item # ETX-A2-LAP
EndoSurgical Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator
$6,268.00 $7,123.00
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