Facial Cosmetic Injection Training Model

Facial Cosmetic Injection Training Model

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Facial Cosmetic Injection Training Model

This model is the facial part of a life-size human on a stand with imitation of skin and deformation type of aging. Includes such anatomical landmarks as the frontal region, orbit with closed palpebral fissure, nose, nasal bones, zygomatic bones, mandible, mandibular angles, lips, chin, and auricles.

The trainer has three layers of anatomical structures:
1. Skin (denser layer of silicone)
2. Underlying muscle structures (less dense silicone layer)
3. Skull


  • Training of various methods of drug administration in cosmetology;
  • Training of puncture Skills during the introduction of botulinum toxins.

Elements of the trainer:
Life-size model of a part of a human head with imitation of skin and a stand for the head.

Operating features:

  • The model is a one-piece structure with a stand and no additional interchangeable elements.
  • On the stand there is an adjustment mechanism for setting the angle of the head. To adjust, tighten or loosen the fixing screw.
  • The head model can be detached from the stand by placing the head model (there is a corresponding groove on the back surface) on the stand and tightening the locking mechanism.

The simulator provides two types of training

Injections Without the Introduction of Liquids(BE.BEAUTY.02078)
  • The optimal solution to start training young professionals

  • Trainees are offered to develop work skills, namely:
  • Practicing aseptic and antiseptic skills
  • Proper hand holding during injection
  • Practicing the skills of inserting a needle under the skin
  • Working out the longitudinal and fan insertion of the needle
  • Determination of bone landmarks with a needle
Injections With the Introduction of Liquids(BE.BEAUTY.02510)
  • To continue the training course
  • To practice the skills of drug administration, you can use:
    • Air
    • Distilled water
    • Realistic pharmacological drugs
  • Trainees are offered to develop work skills, namely:
    • Development of longitudinal and fan injection of the drug
    • Formation of sensations of tissue resistance during the administration of the drug
  • Head
  • Head stand
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Facial Cosmetic Injection Training Model
$3,410.00 $3,590.00
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