Gynecological Training Dog Bella

Gynecological Training Dog Bella

Item # EZVET5000
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Gynecological Training Dog Bella

Gynecological examinations in the bitch belong to the basic manual skills in small animal practice.
"Bella" enables the training under lifelike conditions, from parturition to endoscopic insemination.
With her detailed genital tract our “Bella” provides a lifelike simulation of the bitch.
At the integrated uterus, a gynecological examination can be performed via speculum or endoscope.
Artificial insemination can be trained with a balloon catheter or with endoscope-guided catheterization of the cervix.
The uterus presents a detailed mucosa with secondary folds, the dorsomedian fold and a cervix.
The blood collection at the V. cephalica for hormone determination in the context of an ovulation detection can be trained with the integrated blood collection pad.
The detachable back cover allows the visualization of the anatomical position of the reproductive tract and the kidneys in the pelvis.
If necessary, the uterus, V. cephalica and internal organs can be removed and exchanged easily.

  • Uterus
  • Pelvis
  • Kidneys
  • V. cephalica
  • Blood bag
  • Palpable abdomen (optional)
Optional parts:
EZVET5010 - Uterus For Training Bitch Model
This uterus of the bitch allows a variety of training options, from vaginoscopic examination by speculum to endoscopic insemination.
EZVET5030 - Puppy Trio Set for Bella
The three puppies simulate different malpositions during parturition and enable the application of a gavage.
EZVET5020 - Birth Simulation Module for Bella
The birth simulation set enables the training of physiological parturition as well as various cases of distocia in the bitch and the simulation of neonatal emergency care of puppies.

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by Erler Zimmer   —   Item # EZVET5000
Gynecological Training Dog Bella
$14,414.00 $15,499.00
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