Intravenous Injection Training Arm Model - Adult

Intravenous Injection Training Arm Model - Adult

Item # BT-CSIV1
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Intravenous Injection Training Arm Model - Adult

Introducing our IV Trainer, the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their IV insertion skills. Our trainer is designed specifically for skill training, providing a realistic simulation of the veins and allowing for repeated practice with features of a unique hybrid design that combines both motor and gravity to ensure optimal blood flow at all times.

And that’s not all, this product is designed with your convenience in mind. It comes with an all-in-one skin pad that includes the vein, making it incredibly easy to use and maintain. Our easy-to-drain and wash vein, as well as our simple skin pad replacement process, will save you time and make maintenance a breeze.

  • Skin pad is consisted of epidermis, subcutaneous fat, vein.
  • Injection practice on basilic vein, cephalic vein, median cubital vein and metacarpal veins (CSIV1)
  • Injection practice on Basilic vein, Cephalic vein, Median cubital vein (CSIV2)
  • All-in-One skin pads(skin and vein) ; easy to replace
  • One touch connecting method ; easy to set up
  • Hybrid system ; Circulation pump and gravity
  • Circulation pump : easy to set up, clean and maintain
  • Power : AC power or battery
  • Easy Cleaning and Installation
  • Life-like resistance feeling
  • Durable skin

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
BT USA Inc. Authorized Dealer.

Intravenous Injection Training Arm Model - Adult

  • Left Arm Model : 1.4㎏ (580×120×80㎜)
  • Circulation pump : 0.6㎏ (180×70×105㎜)
  • Arm Holder : 0.3㎏ (270×200×24㎜)
  • Storage Case : 2.2㎏ (730×280×140㎜)
  • Total : Approximately 5.5㎏

  • Left Arm Manikin - 1EA
  • Skin Pad (Vein tube installed) - 2EA
  • Motor Pump - 1EA
  • Arm Holder – 1EA
  • Simulated Blood(30ml) - 1EA
  • Blood Container – 1EA
  • Connecting Tube - 3EA
  • Power Adaptor (9VDC 1A) - 1EA
  • Battery Holder - 1EA
  • Storage Case – 1EA

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by BT Inc   —   Item # BT-CSIV1
Intravenous Injection Training Arm Model - Adult
$2,375.00 $2,500.00
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